Friday, December 29, 2006

Take action NOW

Every pet owner in the United States should be taking note of this offensive and intrusive legislation in Louisville KY. Think this can't happen to you? Check out your own locality for legislation approaching and fast.
WRITE AND CALL the Mayor's office in Louisville. WRITE AND CALL your ARBA, AKC or other species organization and demand the attention of it's Officers. WRITE AND CALL your local legislators and let them know that you will not tolerate such imposition in your area.

To the Officers and Directors of ARBA:
While it is reassuring to know that those coming to Louisville for Convention will not necessarily be affected directly, this ordinance will still apply to those breeders and pet owners (both of whom you represent if they are members of ARBA) who are in that area--and they, no matter how few, deserve the full support of ARBA as much as any other member or area.
In Ashland, Oregon, a single person who is an ardent activist has managed to get nearly the entire city council to consider a downright draconian animal control ordinance, including barring the use of crates for cats or dogs.This measure would be enforced by volunteers. Can you imagine the average PETA member's response to a rabbitry setup, or, heaven forbid, carry cages?
The stated intent is to use the passage of this legislation as a stepping stone, a precedent, to expansion. The Louisville ordinance is very likely to be used as a template for other areas of the country--and if we are to fight this type of restriction, we MUST fight now, and not let it become any further entrenched than it is. As a result of the attention paid to theLouisville ordinance, there is also now growing concern about similar efforts in New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, as well as Oregon. If you read further in depth, you will find the following issues within the Louisville ordinance, as listed below.
The ordinance as currently written:
  • Makes rabbit show vendors of rabbits 'animal dealers' by definition;
  • Defines all rabbit scratches and bites as 'attacks';
  • Defines rabbits solely as 'domestic pets';
  • By omission, prevents definition of rabbits as 'livestock';
  • Places a pet limit of four ALTERED pets kept primarily for companionship;
  • Defines 'occasional sale' as ONE animal OR ONE litter in a 12-month period;
  • (Those selling more than this are defined as ANIMAL DEALERS)
  • Defines any breeding and sales with any intent of profit as 'Pet Shop';
  • Requires licensure for Pet Shops, Animal Dealers
  • Requires all advertisements to carry the license number of the seller if seller requires a license;
  • Upon conviction of a second violation (for impoundment? Not clear), the person may not own animals for two years;
  • Upon impoundment, pre-emptive fees are charged for care and anticipated veterinary expenses, for all animals, in full, in advance--every 30 days until either the animals are signed over to the animal department or until the judicial system has determined guilt or innocence;
  • ANY animal which has bitten or scratched a human being shall bequarantined for ten days, and failure to do so is a violation;
  • in addition, ALL quarantined animals must be implanted with a microchip;
  • Defines 'abandonment' as leaving any animal for more than 24 hours without care or oversight by a caretaker or owner;
  • Sales or transfers may not take place anywhere but at your home or business or designated area;
  • By prohibiting the 'mutilation' of animals dead or alive, the use of rabbits for meat or fur in private hands is outlawed;
  • in addition, no one but a veterinarian may perform any sort of necropsy, or even a tatoo.
Contact information for the Louisville mayor and council may be found at: at the bottom of the page.
Please fulfill your duties as ARBA officers and directors, and ensure that ARBA lets Louisville know that this type of legislation is not only unwelcome, but is, and will be, actively opposed.
Sincerely concerned,
Pamela Alley, RVTARBA Member
Director, Rabbit Industry Council

Monday, December 18, 2006

Don't Mess with my kid!

My oldest son Nik Harvey recieved his 3rd Degree Black Belt Saturday December 9, 2006 Big Congrats Nik!