Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anyone wondering....?

... where I've been lately? Well, remember back around the time of my last post when I showed a certain motorcycle and said it was my motivation to recover from my hand surgery? Yeah, well I didn't exactly wait till it was ALL healed. ;) I've been riding two wheels and an engine every chance I get! Some lessons I learned really early on (like within the first 5 minutes)
  • laying the bike over while at slow or stopped speeds doesn't nesseserily kill you but it sure creates colorful bruises.
  • Stitches are stronger than you may think and doctors are not at all understanding of a girls need to have fun.
  • Vicodin is a wonderful thing.
  • If anyone suggests learning to ride a motorcycle on grass first, hunt them down and kill them.
  • Getting caught in a rain-shower also won't kill you but thunderstorms are best weathered under a roof of some sort.
  • Even Harley riders show some signs of humility while pouring rainwater out of their boots.
  • Cars really, really, truly look right THROUGH motorcycles on the road and I vow not to talk on my cell phone while driving (unless I have a bluetooth and then only when it's really important and brief). My boss will just have to wait a few minutes till I can call back.
  • There really is nothing in the world like a 600 lb vibrator. :D
So I got to the point where I could ride the roads for practice trips and then started my Basic Rider Safety Course. As much as I enjoy the Honda, suddenly I experienced a bike that FIT. The security of being able to maneuver that beast around like a baby's walker was simply amazing! Suddenly my goal of a 650 cc bike took a distant second to finding a bike - ANY bike - that fit me as well as that class model. So I did some shopping around and visited my favorite shop and favorite salesguy, John. And I found this beauty:
She's a 2003 Suzuki Savage 650cc cruiser, AKA "Thumper" to bike riders, with a dry weight of 350 lbs (that's really low) and a seat height of 27 inches!!! (also very low) Despite the photo, she's not all black. The tank is black with BLUE flake and silver flake graphics. Gorgeous and matches my helmet. She rides like she was built with my name written all over her. SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun to ride. Tons of giddy-up and with that single cylinder has that characteristic sound of a classic "thumper". I love that sound. LOL. (You knew there was a rabbit reference in there someplace, right?) Only 3K miles on her and the price was right. Now she's MY thumper. :D Her name is "Katie" and I'll save that explanation for another post. Meanwhile, I put almost 200 miles on her Saturday and Sunday (today) and plan to take her to work tomorrow if the weather holds out. So far it looks like close to 60 mpg! Hey Judy, I can drive to your place for less than HALF the gas cost! WOOT!
I can't say THANK YOU enough to my fellow Lady Biker friend Julia for loaning me the Honda. If she hadn't, I doubt I'd have followed through with my threat to learn to ride. But the Honda isn't ready to go home just yet...she's getting a bit of a makeover first. ;)
Wave at bikers when you see them on the road. One of them just might be ME! And PLEASE, LOOK FOR MOTORCYCLES actively when you drive and PLEASE stay off the cell phone and pay attention.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I really DO work with a bunch of clowns ya know...

This would be one of them...
Don Kelly...
wait for it.............
Social Work assistant
facility .......................