Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ups and Downs...and damn m*ths

Disclaimer... Judy, SIT DOWN! Look at the sweet sheepy face and breath deeply.

Those of you who know me well have seen my beloved 'Barn Jacket' sweater handknit from handspun alpaca cria and numerous bands of angora (rabbit) yarn. The angora used in the sweater is all from original animals I have owned, bred and loved so it really is a special keepsake sweater to me. Well, it wasn't quite as 'precious' to the damn m*ths this last year.

Take a deep breath and sit down before veiwing the next photos.

Mind you, I have already fixed the worst of the holes in the back left shoulder. It's not pretty. Lesson learned: WASH every sweater every couple of months unless it's packed in a 100% airtight container. Lesson #2 - store your most valuable sweaters in the freezer no matter how clean. {SIGH}

So this is what I did to make myself feel better:

It's another barn sweater. I decided to use all that less than ideal yarns that I've spun at demo's and Farm Shows over the years to make myself a nice strong sweater. I love the goofy sheep all in a row at the fence. You know there will also be bunnies but they will be farther up.
Right now I'm working on a 'Gansey style' texture band that will carry me up to the arm scye and then I'll start on the sleeves.

If anyone wants to check out the Sheep To Shawl blog where the photos are, you can go here: There are some great pictures in the collection.