Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lots of good stuff!

Comment from "Nanna":

Please correct me if I am wrong but do you not have 3 sons?? Whats been going on in your eldest sons life? Curious minds want to know. :)

LOL Ok, I'm busted! (and I know who you are "nanna" ;-} )
Indeed, I do have three sons and I failed to mention the eldest. Why? Well, it's not because he isn't doing wonderful things, it's more that he IS doing wonderful things and so doesn't cause me heartburn like the others. LOL ;)

My eldest son Nik, earned a promotion at his work to Sergeant and moved to a bigger and more "interesting" (his words) jail. He worked long and hard for that promotion and I am VERY proud of him. Waiting paid off though and he now has more work but also more opportunity. He is also a 2nd (?)) degree black belt and teaching at his own martial arts classes and at the school for Corrections Officers! Do not EVEN mess with me! I have my own bodyguard. hehehe
I also have a Daughter In Choice (I hate the term 'In Law'. It sounds like she's only there cause she HAS to be. ) and she has also moved into a job that she seems to really excel at. She works with Social Services and has spent the past year training for her responsibilities. It's so wonderful to see them both relaxing into professions that they really enjoy. Many people never achieve that.
Of course it's their joint effort that I'm most proud of. My beautiful little GrandPrincess. Darn, my photo uploading isn't working today. I'll get that fixed. for now, you just have to trust me when I say she's the prettiest granddaughter I've ever had. :D
The hubby just came in from his latest flying lesson. He completed his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!!! Woot! Big ole certificate and everything! OK, so I'll work on figuring out how to fix the photo thing and upload a pic of that too.
Wow, enough for one evening. I'm happy.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Wow, it really got dusty in here didn't it?! Nov 25! yikes. It's been 5 months since I last posted. I'm so ashamed of my bloggin' self. OK, so the updates:
  • Work - I still love it as much as I did 6 months ago. Everyday I learn something new even if it's how NOT to do something or who NOT to rely on. That's not cynicism, it's just reality. We did get new uniforms though and that makes life a bit more pleasant. OK, so the new uniforms are Ceil blue and Brown. Yeah. special. Well, it could be worse. OK, whatever, at least I have options to mix and match now. Even a person who surrounds herself in cobalt blue can only take a solid blue uniform but so long.
  • Toys - well, at last report I was playing with a MotoQ. Unfortunately after about a week I developed a nasty blister on the side of my right thumb from trying to negotiate the obnoxiously small and stupidly sized buttons. Just not feeling the love anymore. So back it went and I picked up one of these: Yup, an iPhone. Do I still feel the love months later? You betcha. Granted, it's not the workhorse I'd hoped for, but for sheer entertainment, it's worth it to me. And since Apple opened up the software for developers to play with, I'm starting to see some truly functional work type applications coming around. The only complaint I would have is that all the functionality is web based...and the facilities I work in get zero reception nor do they have wireless! Once I walk into a nursing home I have a $400 iPod. So in true geek fashion, and not to be thwarted, I went out and bought one of these: Oh mamma! now that's a work horse! I actually manage to get reasonable reception at one of the nurses stations close to the back of the building because this puppy has newfangled ways of receiving signals. If 3G means anything to you...yeah. This is truly like having a small computer in my pocket all the time. I can seamlessly sync my computer files to this thing and with Orb service I can even access my home computer! Sweet. I've cut down some of the paperwork mess saving me hours each week...which is good because they keep expecting us to squeeze more and more into the hours they give us.
  • The car - still mine, still in love, still dirty. Oh well.
  • Health - You knew something had to give, right? Yup, all the writing finally did me in and I am suffering pretty regularly from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Interestingly enough, writing is the only thing that really hurts! Spinning is ok, knitting (on small, light-weight stuff) works ok, as does typing. Knitting my EZ Adult surprize sweater is a bit out of the question at the moment though. The weight of the thing even with circular needles is pure torment. Socks are just right! :)
  • And the bunnies... Well, there are fewer of them in the barn but I'd like to think that the ones out there are well loved. At the moment, "well loved" means nekkid. Some of the decrease has been through giving away to other breeders, a small amount to culling, and more to natural attrition. That's a nice word for 'died of old age'. Speaking of which, one beloved sweety of mine, Radar aka World's Greatest Bunny, is truly a hospice bunny at this point. He's no longer able to stand up so he lays in a bed of soft stray/hay, is turned and cleaned a few times a day, held while watching TV and fed anything he wants. He IS ten years old afterall. He's hung with us through some incredibly tough years and lots of changes including a house fire (which he rode out INSIDE of), homeschooling years, the mennonite church, serious poverty, multi-state moves and drastic climate changes. He deserves a little TLC and he's getting it.
  • Rabbit shows, ARBA, ATRBA and other ancillary activities...
    • The only show I've been to or plan on in the near future is PaSRBA. I did well there with Thriantas but my job as the Wool Room Superintendent was as miserable as usual. Will I do it again next year? probably. Will I still complain? Most likely.
    • ATRBA - I'm the sorriest of District Directors ever known. I haven't gotten a decent article out since I started work. I keep thinking I should just resign but about that time I get a new schedule worked out and think I can make it work. I have to keep thinking on that one.
    • Alpaca Spin Off judging - I just finished what will probably be the last contest I'll mess with for some time. I turned down the Nationals this year. They wait too long and are way too disorganized and I always have to fight for my money. Life's too short for that mess. I did train a new judge to fill in my spot so it's not like I left them dry.
  • Family - Let's see...JJ moved back to PA to live with my parents which is great for my Dad. He's going to start working with my husband this week which should be um..."interesting". Alex has a fiance named Dannielle and they plan to be married in August. She seems like a nice girl though I don't know her real well yet. We do have some interests in common so there's that to build on. Ken is now learning to fly planes...big planes...REAL planes. He's taking flight lessons as well as ground school right now and he seems to really love it. I can't wait to see where that goes in the future. He also wants to get a motorcycle to help with gas costs and plans to get something comfortable enough for weekend trips. Yippee! I miss motorcycle rides on hot summer days.
So that's about the sum of it. I'm still really busy and still enjoying life. I'm going to try to start sending short blog post-ettes if I can get my two phones to talk to blogger. It's not rocket science, I know, but probably will require a bit of playing to get it right. I also plan to re-structure the sidebars as soon as I decide what to put on them. There are so many widgets and lists out there but I hate an overly busy blog-page. Suggestions are welcome!