Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hey CHRISTINE!!!!...

It's DONE!
It's JJ's Aran sweater of course. It's taking a bath just now but I couldnt' wait to announce it's finished. As soon as it's blocked and dry I'll take a pic of the boy in it.

and a little gratuitous cute.
These are FA kits from CCR's Missy, a Chestnut FA doe. She's a real sweetheart and so are the babies. They are all 6 weeks old. The Orange is a doe and there is a black doe that's not pictured, the rest are bucks. I 'may' choose to keep the Orange, I'm not sure yet, but the rest will be for sale. These are NOT pure pedigreed and may (small chance) carry the Satin gene so they are sold as woolers. They can be shown, but not granded. Email me if you have interest.

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