Monday, October 30, 2006

Red Lace

This is a pretty little project that I can't elaborate on too much. Suffice it to say Christmas is coming. :) This is counterpane design and I've been wanting to try this for
awhile. What holds me away is that you have to knit the same square over and over and over. Since this is knitted in a tube (HINT) I had to knit the same square 8 times. That's about 6 times past my attention span. But the end result is good, so I consider it worthwhile. This is knitted with a new favorite yarn of mine called Summit Hill by Kraemer Yarns. Kraemer is a commercial yarn mill in Bethlehem PA. I LOVE that this is not just American made yarn but locally made yarn and it's FANTASTIC. Summit Hill in particular is a superwash Merino. I usually shy away from superwash but this has none of the usual crunch. This is a 4-ply yarn and it is exceptionally well spun, has excellent hand and the colors are rich and very stable. I would highly recommend this yarn for any texture work. GREAT basic worsted weight yarn! The Kraemer Yarn Shop is a quality establishment. The ladies there are not just knitters; they are all extremely skilled and some work as test knitters for the largest magazines. Quality eeks from every cozy corner of this shop. Click on the picture to visit the Kraemer site and see their entire line of yarns.

Here's the latest on the Orenburg Lace. I've managed to pick up the border stitches and knit 5 or 6 rows back and forth on the body. So far the only annoyance is this stiff Addi circular needle. I really think I need to order those KnitPicks circs. The tips are sharper and would be a great help here and the cables just don't fight back like this.

And a little Kitten-y Goodness
Furball is doing really well. Her litterbox habits are flawless so far despite being locked out of her litterbox room the
other night (Daddy apologized profusely). She's easily learning the meaning of 'NO' and is really getting to be buds with the inside bunnies. Keshare has learned that if she presents the kitten with her head, she'll get a sandpaper tongue rub between the eyes (which she LOVES). The only habit that is bothering me is her preference to use her teeth in play. This is not an acceptable behavior and needs to stop. She'll get it eventually.

I've been asked about this new Rabbit club a couple of times so I'll comment here. I am a member of this group and I hold high hopes for it's success. This group has NOTHING to do with the national angora club, it is simply another ARBA sanctioned specialty club offering benefits to it's members. Some of us just don't want the politics and issues previously inhibiting our enjoyment of the hobby. Here is a copy of the notice posted by Amy Spang, the club President.

To All Fellow Angora breeders:),

I would like to announce the formation of a new Angora Rabbit
Club. As of October 29, 2006, a new club entitled the 'United Angora
Rabbit Club' is officially open and will be accepting new memberships. This
club will be National/International in scope and will actively seek
members from both the show and fiber communities, with benefits offered to
at every phase of Angora rabbit production. Our club is now officially
chartered with ARBA and will be included in the next Domestic Rabbit
Magazine, and we will be hosting our first Specialty show at the PA
State Convention in Lebanon, PA, in February of 2007.

We are overflowing with plans to enhance and promote the
appeal of the Angora rabbit, and we will be taking a special interest in
education on behalf of the new breeder and fiber
enthusiast alongside long term breeders and showpeople. Below are listed
several of the benefits currently being discussed for inclusion into the
membership packages, in addition to many others:

-a National Angora show
-a National Fiber show
-Local specialty shows and fiber events
-Online Classifieds and Ads on the club Website
-Newsletter containing Rabbit and Fiber info.
-Advanced online discussion forum
-Workshops, Lectures, and Classes on the various aspects of Angora
ownership and fiber use
-Extensive collection of online articles and subject references
-Member contests
-Mentorship programs

-and much, much more.

A BOD in currently in place for our organization as well as a
working Constitution which can be viewed directly on the website at The mission of our club is to provide
positive support and educational opportunity to Angora owners
everywhere, and we will be relying heavily on the input of our members in
order to supply them with the tools they need to raise better rabbits
and larger quantities of wool.

The founding members of UARC consist of several long term
Angora breeders as well as experienced fiber people who are working to
construct a strong foundation for the Angora rabbit breeds and their products in
country. You may view the club's new website at, a continually updated reference which
will serve as an ever-expanding resource for it's members.

If you have any questions about this newly formed club please
contact myself, Amy Spang, at amy@..., or any of the Officers
listed on the website at their respective email addresses. There is a
membership form included on the site as well as a copy of
the C&BL for public viewing and reference. Prospective members will fill out a
membership application which will be reviewed by the board, and then the
Secretary will issue membership cards and mail them promptly. New members will
be asked to contribute articles,
pictures of their animals or fiber products for the website, and suggestions
they may have about improving the club for it's members.

I look forward to meeting many of you in this club in the future as
we look forward to building an organization which is unswervingly
committed to one of the most unique animals in all the world,
the Angora Rabbit:). Please print off a membership application and mail
it in today!

Thank You, and All the Best--
Amy Spang:)
UARC President

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