Friday, May 11, 2007

Mothers too early..

Not every Mother's Day happens as we expect it. Some mothers have the opportunity to express their deepest love very early in the lives of their children. As all of us with children know, that isn't always easy or happy. For those times there is a very special organization that supports those mothers (and fathers) and God's tiniest children. I'd like to introduce to you Newborns In Need.
Newborns in Need, Inc. (NIN) is a 501(c)3 charity organized to take care of sick and needy babies and their families; and in cases of crisis, to help where help is needed.

Newborns in Need, Inc. is founded upon Christian principles and provides essential items without charge to those in need. We have been serving God's tiniest children since 1992.
I was a member and BOD officer of a chapter in Norfolk until my home was destroyed by fire and we moved. I can honestly say I never worked for a more rewarding cause. At first it sounds morbid to enjoy making clothes for very ill babies or babies who die early in their short lives but imagine the compassion of saving that child's mother from having to go to a TOY STORE to shop for a special garment for her precious child. No grieving parent should ever suffer such indignity. You can be the person to share this mercy with another.
Now I am trying to organize a chapter here in Myerstown and I need your help. There is only one other chapter in PA about 3.5 hours drive northwest of Harrisburg. Our area of PA is devoid of active guilds, clubs or casual meetings for knitters, spinners and sewers. Let's correct that omission and be a blessing to others too. I am proposing an organizational meeting in Myerstown on Thursday May 25. There will be day and evening meetings. Decisions to be made will be location, days and times of meetings, choosing a Board of Directors for our chapter and a format for our meetings.
A typical chapter meeting includes brief business updates, planning events, the occasional speaker or short program and lots of time for working together or individually on projects. Oh...and food. :) The business part of this first meeting will include filling out the application for chapter recognition from the national group and discussion of the duties of the officers. Oh...and food. :) Not a knitter or sewer you say? We'll teach you! Do you have a pattern to share? let's do it! Can you cook? Did I mention that knitters and sewers like to eat? :) An important part of meetings is socializing. Making new friends, enjoying 'old' friends, welcoming those who needed help into a circle of those who are helpers. Oh...and food. :)
So if you think you could join us for meetings once a month, day or evening, then please contact me at for directions to the first meeting. If you know others who would be interested in attending, please pass this info on to them.

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Christine said...

Sounds like you are going to need a cook on your team! No, I am not volunteering (as a cook that is); besides you do not want me to cook, trust me! But I can bring chocolate...