Monday, August 27, 2007


Cocaine? no...CAFFIENE!

OK, those who know me...REALLY know me and don't just think they do...know that I love nothing more than a good challenging conversation and if you can seriously challenge my thinking to the point that I have to research your answer...well, I'm happy to admit error in exchange for enlightenment. I found out this weekend that my nephew Joey (Joel or Joe to people who didn't diaper his butt 22 years ago) is just such a person. He challenged me with the question; 'Why is there caffeine in soda and where does it come from?' His premise was that there is no ingredient in soda that naturally would cause caffeination and that the caffeine added to soda comes out of coffee that is decaffeinated. I was ready to admit that no obvious ingredient in most soda could account for the caffeine and that it IS added for effect (Pepsi Max anyone?!) but out of coffee and into my soda? Sounded way too much like urban legend. Well, I'll have my crow pit roasted with sage and ginger thankyouverymuch.
So if you watch that video clip (which is totally worthwhile and nicely done) you will find that decaffeination is a rather unappealing process. The sludge that later becomes caffeine additive in the soda is rather nasty. Is my conclusion that caffeine added to soda is bad? No. My conclusion is that decaffeination is a terrible thing to do to poor defenseless and oh so wonderful coffee beans. I say we end coffee bean abuse! Drink your coffee fully leaded!

Now, if you will excuse me...I seem to have way too much blood in my caffeine steam.


Nancy said...

I drink opnly high octane coffee, myself...

Joel said...

Hey...that's me! I agree, the coffee beans need protection! Save the coffee beans!