Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lots of good stuff!

Comment from "Nanna":

Please correct me if I am wrong but do you not have 3 sons?? Whats been going on in your eldest sons life? Curious minds want to know. :)

LOL Ok, I'm busted! (and I know who you are "nanna" ;-} )
Indeed, I do have three sons and I failed to mention the eldest. Why? Well, it's not because he isn't doing wonderful things, it's more that he IS doing wonderful things and so doesn't cause me heartburn like the others. LOL ;)

My eldest son Nik, earned a promotion at his work to Sergeant and moved to a bigger and more "interesting" (his words) jail. He worked long and hard for that promotion and I am VERY proud of him. Waiting paid off though and he now has more work but also more opportunity. He is also a 2nd (?)) degree black belt and teaching at his own martial arts classes and at the school for Corrections Officers! Do not EVEN mess with me! I have my own bodyguard. hehehe
I also have a Daughter In Choice (I hate the term 'In Law'. It sounds like she's only there cause she HAS to be. ) and she has also moved into a job that she seems to really excel at. She works with Social Services and has spent the past year training for her responsibilities. It's so wonderful to see them both relaxing into professions that they really enjoy. Many people never achieve that.
Of course it's their joint effort that I'm most proud of. My beautiful little GrandPrincess. Darn, my photo uploading isn't working today. I'll get that fixed. for now, you just have to trust me when I say she's the prettiest granddaughter I've ever had. :D
The hubby just came in from his latest flying lesson. He completed his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!!! Woot! Big ole certificate and everything! OK, so I'll work on figuring out how to fix the photo thing and upload a pic of that too.
Wow, enough for one evening. I'm happy.

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Nancy said...

...waiting on the pics!!! glad to see some posting.