Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catching up...

  • My 10+ year old Mini Lop pet bunny Radar - AKA "the best bunny in the whole wide world" - left us for the green ethereal pastures recently. I'll miss him so much but he suffered enough. I think he had as hard a time leaving us as we had saying goodbye to him. For all the wonderful rabbits I'll ever have, he'll always be the one to live up to. Here's raisin kisses to you old pal!
  • My middle son is again on the 'available' list and I gotta tell ya. He won't have to work real hard to do better. That's a great big "WHEW"!
  • Work is really keeping me hopping lately. My caseload got changed and it's always hard learning new people. I'll manage though. With new people come new opportunities.... or some shit like that.
  • The Navajo weaving is really growing on me! I'll get an updated photo soon.
  • I had a FANTASTIC time going up to NY with Judy to grope bunnies with pal Amy. What a beautiful herd she has! Yes, I brought home a new fuzzy of my own. His name is Woodstock (Woody) and he really does act stoned as all get out. Kewl rabbit. LOL Amy's mom shared a wonderful cast on stitch with Judy and I. The cops in a little town on the PA line don't know what to make of chatty women with fluffy bunnies who don't know how to sign their own registration cards.
  • It's hot.
  • It's raining.
  • Oh look...YARN!

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