Tuesday, December 02, 2008


This is a photo of a VERY dear person I know who is nicknamed "Bud". Bud is losing his memories to Alzheimers disease, but not alone. He is visited daily and faithfully by his (hilarious) wife of 64 years. Every afternoon she brings him a snack and reminds him of the goings on of his grown children and grandchildren and tells me stories of their "adventures" together. I rarely leave without a smile and a chuckle but today was extra awesome and I have Mrs. "Bud"s permission to tell you all about it.
Bud has lost his names for things and people. This really bothers Mrs Bud because he doesn't remember her name. When asked for her name he says "My Wife". Obviously that's the important part of the relationship but, darn it, it's NOT her name! Always being known as "Mr. Hawley's daughter" or "Ken's wife" or "Nik/Alex/JJ's mom" I can sympathize. Well today Mrs. Bud tells me "watch this..."
Mrs B: "Bud, Tomorrow is December third."
Bud: "uh huh" (with absolutely no sign of interest)
Mrs B: "What is December third, Bud?"
Bud: (without a single moment's hesitation and looking straight at Mrs. B) "YOUR Birthday!"
Mrs. B was wearing a very satisfied look when she said "64 years and he doesn't remember my name but I hammered THAT date into his brain!"

Gotta love it. :)

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