Friday, February 13, 2009

The first day on the new job...

....and I had a great time! My first two days are spent with Nnenna who is the friend who encouraged me to apply for the job in the first place and today will be spent with her in Lebanon. What a great way to start out. With an encouraging friend in familiar surroundings with people who like you. Awesome.
In case anyone is wondering, I've carefully refrained from blogging about my last 2 -turned into 3 - weeks on my old job because I CHOSE not to go there. If you can't say anything nice..... right? Let's just say that I had my eyes opened to some unpleasant aspects of my supervisors and their attitude towards other employees and even their parent corporation itself. Rather unflattering. I've written no fewer than 4 posts about the subject but wisely chose not to publish them. So I'll try to let that be that and move on and up.
I'm still trying to get that bird's eye view of the process that makes up my new job. Lots of learning to do! Just how I like it. :)
For those who find such things important - and you know who you are - I wore light brown pants and a fantastic green sweater top.

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