Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pretty Sheep

Gratuitous Sheep photos today. I was telling a friend who breeds Icelandic sheep about photos I'd received from another Icelandic breeding friend. First friend asked to see the photos and wondered if she knew the other breeder. (confused yet?) Well, the names didn't ring a bell but first friend still wanted to see the photos and I love showing pics of pretty sheep, so here ya go. If the owner of the sheep wants to identify herself, I'll let her tell me so and then I'll edit to add her name. I don't like doing that until someone gives consent. Anyway, enjoy these beautiful sheep photos with me. Icelandic wool isn't one I've worked with extensively as it's usually a bit coarse for my liking, though I've handled some lamb fleeces that were yummy. My preference is for the Shetlands which are very similar but finer textured. Both are beautiful breeds of small sheep with fleeces that serve many different purposes. Both have fine undercoats (thell) useful for next to the skin garments. Both have strong outer coats (tog) useful for outerwear garments or even utility purpose. Both are small, independent and VERY thrifty breeds to raise. Both come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. Both come from similar environmental and geographic areas and obviously are related back somewhere.

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