Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Remember me?

I hinted about it before and now it's really coming together.
I've been absent from this blog so long because I was working on big stuff. Lots of big stuff! So where is the BIG stuff? Right here!!!

You can click on the Logo above or go directly to the URL at

I'm still learning my way around the fine tuning aspects of that site but it's working really well so far!
The official GRAND OPENING will be Saturday July 28 so for the next few days you can enjoy a sneak preview especially for my loyal customers who are checking this blog and my email lists.

There is also a YARN GIVE AWAY! Register your name in the entry by creating an account. Specific contest details to follow*. All information is used ONLY for site promotions and newsletters. Yup, newsletters. In the future there will be periodic newsletters with news of upcoming sales, articles, projects, patterns and photos from our customers!

Keep checking back to the store. I have tons more adding to do including yarn (if you have a specific color request, please let me know, I bet I have it.), spinning batts, angora fleeces, knitting needles and patterns.
*no purchase necessary but always appreciated. :)
This blog will remain my personal space for all sorts of stuff, bunnies, babies, bitchin'...all sorts of stuff. :) Can I start by saying that my behind was never meant to spend days on end sitting at a computer?! I really like the yarn photography stuff though. I've discovered all sorts of fun to be had there. The scary part? this is a dress rehearsal for even BIGGER things to come next year! yikes. :)

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