Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back to the future...

Some of my friends actually know that knitting and spinning isn't how I've ALWAYS spent my crafting time. About 20 years ago I taught Heirloom sewing by hand and machine, lacemaking, smocking and quilting. Well, recently, I've been really itching to get back to some handsewing especially the applique. I still find the actual quilting to be really painful to my hands, but the piecing and applique has always been my favorite part anyway. While contemplating this, I dug out some of my old blocks that have yet to be finished and realized that I had no photographic record of them. One only suffers a house-fire once to appreciate photo records. Unfortunately 90% of my quilting fabrics and work was destroyed in that fire and I dont' even have a picture of any of it. All the blocks in my album in the sidebar (it's at the bottom) are from Winter 1998 to early 2004. Winter 1998 was when my life was burned around me and 2004 is about when we moved to our present house and for some reason it's taken this long to pull out the fabrics again. I know the project I'll be working seriously on over the next months but it's not ready for public unveiling yet, so I'll pull out a piece of Jacobean applique that is a UFO waiting for revival in the meantime. Photos of that tomorrow maybe. In the meantime, you may peruse my older work as you like.

I'll try and post a photo of the Spiral Pi sweater tomorrow too. I finished the border and took photos to show the way I managed the sleeve openings, but all the photos are horribly fuzzy. I'll try again. This time I should be able to get pics of the way I held the stitches for the sleeve and a sleeve in progress on DPNs.

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