Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A quilt worth remembering...

Yes, it's a quilt...a quilt with a message. The quilt was made by Terese Agnew out of garment labels. "Portrait of a Textile Worker makes one person among millions of unseen workers, visible. Her image was constructed with thirty thousand clothing labels stitched together over two years. The idea came from a simple observation...." Please click the link to read the rest of Therese's explanation of the quilt, it's purpose and then follow her link to the National Labor Committee to learn more about the fight againse Sweatshops and what we can do.

I do have some of my own progress to report but I thought it could wait a little, this is important. I thank EVERYONE who voted in my poll. What a response! it's really fun to hear what you guys think. Keep voting! I'm still working and you don't know what on yet. ;)

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