Monday, July 03, 2006

It's a dog's life....

Update: I added a Flickr album of Duncan and my dad. You can veiw the photos by going HERE

This is Duncan. He's a 10 year old male Sheltie that has come to live with my Dad and Mom. I can't say they 'own' him anymore than one 'ownes' a best friend. That's how my dad thinks of his dog-buddies. I mean...he's sleeping on a pillow...MY pillow! But that's just until he gets home and can sleep on my Dad's bed of course. Duncan was very accomodating at having to 'make do' for the ride home. LOL
Huge thanks to Daniella and Jan Stanley, Capricorn Shelties (Duncan's breeder) for making my Dad so very happy and for facilitating a new loving friendship. I'll try and post more pictures in the next few days. This boy is so gorgeous that he just deserves some good press. :)


Daniela said...

YEAH!!! Duncan looks so happy - and your dad too! I am soo happy this all worked out!


Christine said...

What do you mean, YOUR pillow??
Don't you know that when you are owned by some kind of animals nothing is yours anymore???
Sometimes I feel lucky that the cats let me sleep on the bed or sit on the couch!
Duncan is really cute! He is most likely a better match for your dad. You did the right thing.