Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Carroll Co. MD Rabbit Show

As usual, the Angora corner was the fun place to be! Since the show did something unusual and split the Angora breeds over 3 judges at the same time - and the French Angoras were in a whole different BUILDING!- I didn't get to see as much of the judging as I'd like to have.
Generally, the Angora breeders tend to camp out in one spot to minimize the flying wool from grooming and because we enjoy each other's company. In fact, I didnt' have any Angoras I really wanted to take this week, so I brought the easy-peasy Thriantas and rode along for the visiting.

That didn't stop us from cutting it up in the Angora corner though. At left is Kathy Kenworthy knitting and laughing and me drop spindling some rainbow dyed silk...and talking of course.

At right is Phil Osborn and the FA junior buck w
ooler that I have for sale (HINT: He's still for sale and he is the sweetest little guy any spinner could hope for - email me!) and Nancy joined him with her 'French Angora' baby. Nancy's 'baby' is actually a gorgeous 100% French Angora crocheted mitten made by Judy Osborn.

When all the grooming is done, you just have to have that little Pep Talk. Dru has a meaningful discussion with her darling Tort English Angora before hitting the show table.

Two breeders getting ready for Best In Show 4 class judging. Dru grooms her English to a picture perfect finish while Kathy Kenworthy knits. Both rabbits looked wonderful on the table. Therein lies the fundamental difference in showing English vs the other Angora breeds. LOL English take lots more work to keep that coat in great condition.

Dru with her gorgeous EA junior doe and Kathy with her beautiful SA junior doe waiting for judge Owen Yates (at right). I really wish I had a properly posed photo of Kathy's Satin angora. She was just beautiful with a fantastic body. You can also see Ellen standing next to Kathy trying to figure out her new camera.
Dru's English and my Thrianta doe both made it into the top 5 for Best 4 Class judging.
More photos from Ellen:

Kathy and that beautiful Satin doe. Ain't she sweet!?

Dru Shephard and her EA junior doe. Ohhhh the crimp on that coat!

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