Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Without comment....

No editorial. The judges I know probably won't even fact, it was a judge that sent this to me!

One day in heaven, Saint Peter,
Saint Paul and Saint John were standing around near the barns, watching the rabbits play.

"I am certainly bored", stated John. "Me too," Paul chimed in. Peter stood and watched the rabbits. "I know!" Peter began. "Why don't we have a rabbit show?"

Paul and John thought that the idea was great except for one small detail that Paul pointed out - "Who are we to compete against, Peter?" Paul asked. The trio pondered a moment when Peter realized the answer.

"We will call up Satan and invite him to the rabbit show. I mean, we have all of the finest rabbits here in heaven, all of the Champions are here. His rabbit barn is ridden with the spoiled, difficult and mean rabbits. We are certain to win at the show!"

And so the trio calls up Satan on the other realm communication lines and invited him to their rabbit show.
Satan laughed and asked why they would want to be humiliated like that, because he would certainly beat them.

Peter, Paul and John did not understand. "What do you mean, Satan?" Peter asked. "We have all of the Champion rabbits in our barn in heaven, how could you possibly beat us?"

Satan paused a moment and then laughed. "Have you forgotten so soon, gentlemen? I have all the judges!"

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