Wednesday, June 07, 2006

bunny goodness...

I thought I'd share a photo of the new little darling in my life. As if I didn't have bunches of little darlings in the barn, right? :)
Well, this is one I'm really pleased with. Her name is CCR's Nofrure. She's a pure-pedigreed Satin Angora doe, 10 gentle weeks old, and beautiful CLEAN red. (Yes, this is that pretty red doe in the TOAD litter of a couple of weeks ago. I should have named her 'Jennie Craig' LOL) This is the type of red that we angora breeders ache for. Dark and clean. She also happens to be a real sweetheart. Always at the door for snuggles and enjoys being held. In fact, everytime I put her down for a photo, she gets the deer in the headlights look which makes it hard to get a really nice photo.
If you wonder about the unusual name, this doe's sire is CCR's Senmut and her dam is CCR's Aziza. Now, Senmut was the name of the consort to Egyptian King/Queen Hatshepsut. There is actually a really cool reason why he was named Senmut but that's for another time. There was one daughter to Hatshepsut and history believes that the father of the child was Senmut. That daughters name was Nofrure or Nefru-Ra. Translated that would mean something akin to 'beautiful woman of Ra the Sun God' . Works for me. :)
The next photo is of a beautiful girl that turns senior (6 months old) in a week or so. CCR's Nefret, Pointed White French angora That magnificent coat is still her baby wool which is why it's so soft and fluffy yet. She'll get a clipping soon so that she'll be all ready for her next coat. OK, notice a theme in the name? Nefret is the old Egyptian base meaning 'beautiful woman'. It was the base of the names Nefertiri, Nefertari, Nefertiti...

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