Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Young minds...

This treasure comes from Amy Spang. She posted this to her Yahoogroup today and it just had me in stitches! Enjoy.

I just wanted to share a hysterical story that was told today
by a friend of mine who is a local spinner and rabbit owner.
Apparently she had a booth at the local library fair last weekend
(she has a fiber business), and she was demonstrating spinning 'off
the rabbit' to the people who were there. At one point a 6 year old
boy came over to watch and hung around for a LONG time watching the
wheel spin and asking questions about the rabbit. After a half hour
or so had passed, he went on with his mother to look at the rest of
the place, and at this point my friend decided to give the bunny a
break and placed her back into her carrier on the floor behind the
table with some hay and water. At this point she began to spin
with fiber that she took out of a bucket that she had harvested
awhile ago from the same rabbit. A little while later the little
boy came back and suddenly stood there watching her spin with a VERY
upset look on his face. When she asked him what was the matter he
looked like he was going to cry and then asked, "Is that all that's
left of the bunny?"


Oh my gosh!!!! Well, needless to say it took quite some time
for my friend to understand what the poor little guy meant, LOL, but
as soon as she realized it she quickly showed him the rabbit in the
cage behind the table and explained that no, the bunny was JUST
FINE, and the wool she was using had just been harvested from her
much earlier:). At this explanation he was very much relieved and
went away with a smile on his face, but can you IMAGINE what must
have been going through that poor boy's mind??, LOLOL!!!:) Well, I
guess we all forget how literal a child's mind can be at times, but
this is really one of the funniest stories I've heard in a LONG
time, LOL!! Just wanted to share it:).

Amy Spang:)


Barbara in Maine said...

Elaine, I don't know if I ever told you this story... It is absolutely true because I heard and saw it with my own ears and eyes...

About 3 years ago, there was heavy rain during the entire Maine Fiber Frolic. A friend of mine was in a booth across from me, with a dear bunny in her lap, and she was spinning away. A family came along, parents and two kids, and they watched her intently for quite awhile, especially the mom. I could hear their commentary because they were standing in my booth to be out of the rain but still see.

Finally, the mom shook her head and said, "I just don't understand!!! That woman is making a rabbit with that machine!!!!"

Nancy K. said...

That poor little boy! Can you imagine how traumatized he must have been? I'm amazed at how many people think that one has to kill a sheep to harvest it's wool..... ;-)

Elaine said...

Actually, my personal favorite so far was the comment made at one of my demo's when I was spinning angora from the bunny on my lap. A lady exclamed to her friend 'Look! she's unraveling the rabbit!'