Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday JJ !!

The knitting update: Remember that top down saddle shoulder sweater I was knitting for JJ? Well, I hated it. Sorry, but I just could not manage to reconcile my annoyance with the dimensions. It was too big around, the arm holes were too big, I knitted the sleeves TWICE and they were too big then too small and the whole dang thing just wasn't working for me. So I did what any sane knitter would do...I frogged it. Now, the tricky part here is that JJ had been watching that sweater pretty closely, so I had to be slick about it. I let it season quietly in the basket so he would get used to my not working on it for a while...then I quickly ripped it out ..reskeined it and gave it a wash before he knew what happened. Next I made sure there was something worth looking at before I let him see me knitting on it again. whew! he hasn't let on that he is wise to me but even if he is, he now has something to look forward to again.
BTW, today is JJ's 17th birthday. Say Happy Birthday everyone! I can't believe how big my baby is getting.

and my new socks... Opal sock yarn on size 1 using Magic Loop (lots of on the road knitting). Color is Partie 14 and the stitch pattern comes from the Opal sock pattern called Linda's Rainbow Ripple. It was something of a surprise to see what it would look like since the photo on the pattern is 100% useless. It's a pretty open design but it does get the colors moving around. I think I prefer the stitch on the Jaywalkers better. I know I REALLY don't like the placement of the points. It makes my foot look square or something. odd.

More Angora rabbits for sale! OK, these were among the ones I held back to see how they'd turn out. They turned out great! There is at least one there I'd keep for myself, but... remember that gorgeous Red doe? Well, I can't pass up her color so these get to move on to other homes.

Click on the album at top left to go to the photos in full size on Flickr. All three of these beauties are registerable Satin Angoras. Their mom is Chocolate and their sire is Red. There was a red in this litter so I know the mom and dad both carry those genes. These would be great in either a chocolate or a red program. Body type is very promising for show.
If you have interest in any of them, email me for prices and details. Shipping is not an option this time of year but I will deliver within a reasonable distance or try to arrange a ride to a show.


Diana said...

A Very Happy Birthday, JJ! I should have KNOWN you were a Gemini. All the best guys are. ;-)

Angora Girl said...

Love the socks Elaine! The colors are great :) Happy B-day to your baby boy :)

Christine said...

Happy Birthday JJ! (Sorry I am one day late).
Elaine, let's hope you get JJ's sweater done before winter...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Diana, Angora Girl(baby boy????), and Christine for the happy birthdays!!! i don't usually read this site..but mom said they where on yeah...THANKS EVERYBODY!!!!