Monday, June 26, 2006

Of tartan and wool...

Celtic Fling 2006 was a BLAST. Yeah, we had a Fleece To Shawl, we had fun, we got totally rained on, we sold the shawl with proceeds of around $70 for Children's Miracle Network. Aparently, despite all that activity, the guy with the camera found other things to photograph. Not a single shot of the F2S, nothing of the adorable lambs, not the sheep hearding that was so, it seems that while I was looking at men in short skirts, my men were looking at girls in short skirts. Well, some of them are really darling girls so why not?

I love watching the Highland dancing. I actually prefer the technical aspects of the Irish step dancing more, but the costumes of Highland are by far my favorite. So feminine and attractive. The Irish Step costumes are gorgeous in their complexity, but they are just too flashy and modern for my tastes. Take a look at that little girl in the first picture. Could you make that face and sweeter with a wig of ringlets and a rhinestone tiara? not in my book.

And the latest on the mystery project. This pattern is going nicely and fast. It does have a sideways border to it so I know progress will slow down then.

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