Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The alpaca spinning is done. Invoiced. Mailed. Finished. {HUGE sigh}

Note: Sorry for the lack of pictures but friends will be emailing me files later this week. I promise some really great photos! But thank you's shouldn't wait that long.
This weekend was the Alpaca Fleece to Shawl event at PAOBA which was inspired by Wini Labreque and organized by me, Elaine Harvey. We had more fun than ought to be legal! This year proceeds benefited the Children's Miracle Network/Penn State Children's Hospital at Hershey Med Center. Between Tom Knisely's daughter Olivia (herself a miracle child) going person to person for donations, the money people dropped in our team boxes to "vote" for their favorite, the 50/50 raffle - GET THIS!!! The generous gentleman who won the raffle donated his $900 back to the CMN!!!!!!!!!! somebody go buy an alpaca from him would ya? - and the raffle of the shawls, we believe we probably raised around $4000.00 for CMN/PSCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It don't get much better than that.
HUGE thanks goes to Tom Knisely our Weaver, Kris Peters, Judy Benner, Wini Labreque, our spinners and the Red Rose Treadling Toes team for such generous donation of their time and talents. Of course the biggest thanks still goes to all the individuals who donated so generously of their $$$$. It all benefits the children. What better Mother's Day gift than to save some mother's child, eh? If anyone would still like to make a monetary donation through this event, please contact
Helen Humphreys

Silvercloud Farm

Or you can go HERE to make an online donation and just let them know that you want to credit the PAOBA Fleece to Shawl Auction.

We hope to make a presentation of the money raised on the CMN Telethon June 4

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