Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Still. Spinning. Alpaca.

Which is why you haven't heard much from me. I'm still working on the Handcrafter's Spin Off contest and although I really do love the whole process, it gets a little much after awhile. So I try to get away occasionally.
So last weekend, I did indeed get away to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Had a GREAT time with some friends from EZasPi stayed with my good friend Susan and made a few purchases. I wasn't overly eager to jump on the usual blog-wagon and hurry to post all my acquisitions, but a few friends have asked, so here you have it.

Cestari Cotton/Wool blend. I'm thinking an entrelac tank top for the summer. Anyone have a good pattern?
CestariwoolCestari Wool in Denim color. I'm hoping this will be a great all purpose wool. They advertise it as machine washable with care.



Sock yarns (brands obvious, right?) I was going for monochrome colors this year because I really want to do some texture stuff and I not only have enough handpaints, but they don't do texture as well.

Oops, I lied a little. I did get this STR yarn. I couldn't help it, I like the colors. Actually, despite the 800 skeins (at $21 EACH?!) sold in less than 2 hours!!!! this was the only colorway that really wanted to go home with me. Love this yarn, they just were not my colors.
Ladyann Hatchtown Drop Spindle which will perfect to spin this...

15 micron Hyperfine Merino. Yeah in SHEEP wool. Holy crap that's fine. Check it our next to Anogra.  It's equally fine. The Angora still has a much softer hand, but come on! SHEEP! wow. Merinoangora

Cvm CVM fleece in the prettiest soft grey. I had to buy really, I HAD to. My friend Kevin is considering adding this breed to his small spinner's flock and I took one for the team volunteering to do the R&D work. Aren't I generous? So sacrificial...yup, that's me. :) Hey, I only bought a pound of it anyway.

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