Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Up and Running!!!

If you have made it here, then you found me. :)

After days of moving stuff and rewritting pages I am ready to announce the GRAND OPENING of !!! That's right, now I have my own domain name for all my stuff. It's still a little sparse and will take some work, but at least it's functional.
As noted in the sidebar, I am moving the blog to this location instead of Typepad. Not that there is anything at all wrong with Typepad mind you, I just wanted to have my own space. OK, so I managed to get this worked out with 3 domain names, plenty of space, the blog and all that jazz for about half what I paid to TP and I did it all at once instead of slowly bleeding me monthly. Works for me anyhow.
Now the bad news... I am simply not going to spend the time and energy it would take to manually move all the posts from the TP blog over here. Especially not all the photos! So once they cancell that account, those are gone. I've moved about the past month to here, but not all the photos. So consider this something of a fresh start!
So please reset your pointers or subscribe afresh through, or the Blogger aggregator whatever that thing is called.


Nancy J said...

Hay Lady ;-) Congrats!

Jan said...


Angora Girl said...

Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to read your new stuff!