Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ohhh it feels GOOD... be back to knitting again. Aside from the hours sitting on my butt getting the website configured, I've been playing with projects again too.

This is an Entrelac 'thing'. It doesn't know what it wants to be yet or at least it hasn't shared such infor with me. I wanted to work out the entrelac starting with a corner and build diagonally. It's not hard once you know where you are going, but does take a few minutes to wrap your brain around. I'm using homespun yarns. the dark is some mystery wool sample and the white is Cormo. Both are nice, but not what I wanted for that particular wool, so they get used for playing around.

Thrianta Socks- Do I need to explain this? well, maybe. OK, The Thrianta rabbit is known as the Flame of the Fancy because the one and only color is burning-down-the-house RED. So these are my Thrianta socks. :) I'm doing them toe up which is not my favorite method. I have 2 complaints with toe up; 1. the heel and 2. the cast off. Well, for the heel, I knitted a short 12 row flap, then did a regular turn, picked up 6 stitches each side to bring me back to 100%, then did 3 short rows to raise the ankle. This fits my particular heel perfectly. Now, if I can manage a cast off that doesn't gross me out, I'm onto something! the cuff will be entrelac BTW. I like the way entrelac plays with self patterning yarn and I think it might look sorta 'flamey'? What the heck, I'm obviously on an entrelac kick lately.
BTW, I have to stop photographing on that chair. The wavy lines make me think of bad acid trips or something. {shudder}

Thank you, yes, I am aware that this is not knitting. :) I picked up a small rug hooking kit at MDSW. I have wanted to try this stuff and $30 is well within my 'what the heck' budget. Verdict? I don't hate it, so I'll work on it more and see how it turns out. No, I'm not going to show the whole thing. If it turns out ok it will be a gift for someone.
Yikes, more bad acid trip stuff on that pic. ewwww


Barbara said...

Elaine, I do toe-ups all the time, and my favorite cast-off is done with a crochet hook. Basically, you pull a loop through the first stitch, pull a loop through the second stitch, then pull a loop through both stitches. Pull a loop through the next stitch on the needle, then pull a loop through both loops on the hook. And so on and so on. It is a very elastic cast-off, and looks nice too. Ask me if you want more details -- it is in Queen Kahuna's book.

Elaine said...

Thank you Barbara, that sounds like a good one to try, now remind me when I get there ok? LOL Hey, you can't beat Queen Kahuna for socks.