Saturday, May 27, 2006


I love it when stuff finally comes together. Mind you, the coming together doesn't mean it's FINISHED. No. Just progressing.
Weaving much as I enjoy weaving, it's taken a backseat to knitting spinning and wo
rking myself crazy over the past year or so. When I realized that I still had the same project on the loom THIS year at Farm Show that I had worked on LAST year...and not one pick more progress...well...I cut the warp and took it off. Better a naked loom than an embarassingly neglected one. Sorta. Well, I finally got the warp back on the loom and ready for weaving.

Here's the deal; I had
been working on a sampler of 8 shaft twill variations at the Farm Show in 2005. The point was to show people how the different features of the weaving process - threading, treadling and tie up - affect the design. So now I went back and wanted to use the same warp in a more conventional way to make a pretty table runner. Big problem...I can't find my draft collection books OR the drawdown for this particular design and I already cut it off the loom weeks ago. UGH. Well, I'm rather proud of myself. I went back to the sampler, picked out the two designs I wanted to use and actually worked out the drawdown in it's entirety from my sampler! This might seem easy to an experienced weaver but I haven't done any of that for about 2 years. The nice part is that now I really do feel like I'm ready to get back to the loom. My brain is really thinking about the structure of the weave, not just the actions.

There's Fish in my Hermit Crab Tank!!!
Yes, finally, we went out and bought some fish for the tank. Ken really wanted a Clownfish. Well, they come in a few different varieties and every one he liked cost a small fortune. I'm sorry, but I'm not investing >$50 for a lima bean size fish as the first stock in a new tank. Well, the Clark's Clownfish was only $14.95 and nicely marked so that's what we went with. He's turned out to be quite an entertaining little guy too.
Hi buddy here is a BiColor Chromis. I was trying to stay away from ornery Damsels but most of the chromis are the regular shaped blue-green variety. Although pretty (and we did get 2 of those) I did want some variety. So we got this little guy. he has the shape face that I like too. More round than pointy. We also bought some snails to keep the brown algae down and they are almost more entertaining than the fish. Go figure. We bought a whole bag of new shells for the crabs and they found new digs overnight. They were really ready and we'd already lost 2 of them because they didn't have bigger shells to transfer to. Now the little divas are changing whenever it suits them. Sheesh. note: sorry for the fuzzy pics but it turns out that fish are even harder than baby bunnies to photograph. Who knew?

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