Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My day off...

OK, back to things fuzzy.
JaywalkersoxLOOK! I managed to finish something! Woohooo!!! Socks are from the Jaywalker pattern   by Grumperina.
Of course, I had to make them my own. I really like cuff socks. Because of the way the cuffs are knit, then turned backwards and continued, the cuff "v's" Actually go the opposite direction of the foot "v's". Cool. The yarn is Opal, but I threw out the ball band and have no idea the color...sorry.

Wool_stashDid someone say MD Sheep and Wool?
Yesterday was the day I set aside to open, air and rotate my fiber stash. I had seen a M#th flying around the other day and wasn't sure if it was a loner or if I had an 'issue' to be dealt with. Thank heavens the offending problem was found, isolated and eliminated. (@#$% Llama!) Thankfully, the little bastards had plenty to occupy themselves with, my other stash was well protected by good packaging, fragrancing and maintenance. Whew. So as usual, everything was taken to a neutral spot, opened up and examined and new fragrance oil cotton balls placed.
My whole reason for taking the photo though was to carry with me to MDSW and place on the screen of my PDA. Everytime I get tempted by some new wool, I can mentally peruse my stash and think whether I REALLY need something new. Honestly, you should see what's inside some of those boxes. I feel blessed to own some AWESOME fleeces. I kept looking for a just 'eh' fleece to send away and didn't find a one. There is a BL white in there that is not really my style, but not because it isn't a great fleece, I'm just not fond of BL. But I can blend it with anything else to make a really resilient sock yarn, so it stays. :) the other stuff is mostly very fine wools and exotics. Rambo, Finn, Rambo/Romney (a fav or mine), cormo, Teeswater, Wensleydale, Shetland...lots of Shetland, and of course Alpaca. Um, the alpaca is less than stellar. There are maybe 2 of the 9 fleeces that I would actually spin. Anybody want some average quality alpaca? The cotton bolls? OMG, there is like 10 pounds!!!!! When the heck can I possibly deal with a fraction of that much cotton?! but it's mine. :) and the whole container of WoolEase? Hey! socks! Shut up.
Some might notice that the word 'angora' isn't mentioned there. Well...that's because the angora has it's own storage place....Let's just say it wouldn't fit here. :\ MINE!!! All MINE!!! Bwwwaaaahhhaahhhaaaa   Ok, some of it's for sale, the link is at the top left. check it out. :)

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