Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday sort of stuff...

I've always observed 'hump day' as the complete middle of my life. Time to reflect on the last week and get ready for the next one. In light of that, I give you bits and pieces. :)
This is a sculpture that I found at one of the art galleries in DC on our recent trip. It reminds me very much of some of the Southwestern Indian stories of JackRabbit but the inscription gave no indication of the artists actual inspiration. My son says I can find a rabbit ANYWHERE. Well, I really like this one.

Speaking of rabbits, a few of the Satin Angora bunnies have been sold. The tort and chestnut does from Diva's litter are now living happily with Daniella in MD and the red buck from Diva's litter is living with a spinning friend JoAnne. There are still some really sweet ones available. Take a look!

And here are my most recently finished socks. The Thrianta socks. As posted before, they are Lorna's Laces yarn in the colorway 'Flames'. The yarn in really, really soft. I have my concerns about felting and pilling, but we'll see. The pattern is a basic toe up with various modifications from me. The cuff stitch pattern is from Charlene Schurch (sp?) book. Would I replace my standard pattern for this one? nope. I still prefer the way a cuff down sock fits my foot. I also completely prefer the folded cuff socks. I hate socks that come half way up my calf (and always end up around my ankle anyway) but I also don't like tennis socks. These cuffed socks fit my ankle PERFECTLY. Many thanks to Marguerite of Stitches of Violet for the basic pattern. You will find her free pattern on the right sidebar. GREAT sock pattern!

and the ruin of my Memorial Day weaving plans. See that? need a closer look?
That's called a KNOT. I think it's called that because as long as it's there, you are KNOT weaving, you will KNOT have any of that thread in your stash to fix the problem and the store that carries it will KNOT be open so that you can buy more. {SIGH} It's fixed now and I'm back to enjoying the project but HOW did I miss that when winding the warp? Ah well, it gave me an excuse to spend a morning at The Mannings with a couple of really great people, so it is KNOT a total loss. :)

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