Thursday, May 25, 2006

Satin angoras for sale!

OK, here are the photos of the 2 litters of Satin Angora bunnies for sale. They are all 8 weeks old. There are 2 different litters; Diva's litter of 6 and Azeeza's litter of 8. Azeeza's litter doesn't look real good in these photos. Why? you might ask? ...well...mea culpa, mea culpa... They are grossly OVERFED. They can't even stand properly to show their body type. Oh brother. I checked mom and she is still FULL of milk! That means they are nursing heavily AND I've been free feeding them. Well no wonder they roll instead of hop. At 8 weeks, it's time for weaning and a DIET. What piggies. Some time in the big exercise pen in the fresh air will trim them down too. sheesh.
Anyway, those who are looking at these litters can at least get a good idea of color. All are in that changing baby coat stage and I didn't see any texture or density that gave me concern. If you see one that really calls to you, email me and I'll send better photos. Remember, these guys are going right into the adolescent ganglies so don't hold faces and posture against them. Remember being 11 years old? Right. Then cut these guys some slack. :)

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